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You may be visiting my website for a variety of reasons, but I hope what comes over is my belief that the type of food we eat is central to our mental and physical well-being through all our life stages. I believe we need to re-prioritise food in our lives, and realise that good ‘balanced’ nutrition is not about self-denial, or some high-tech functional ingredient, or even ‘clean eating’ (a misleading term), it’s about eating and enjoying a variety of delicious foods. The current media fuelled diet-obsession gives us confusing and often simply wrong information, and needs to be replaced with a new approach towards the food we eat.

I believe making a balanced, varied and tasty diet is part of your way of life, and this doesn’t mean avoiding food groups (unless you medically need to) or depriving yourself, but it will provide your body whatever its age, with all the nutrients it needs. A balanced diet nourishes us; provides good energy levels to meet our needs; help us fight infections and diseases; helps us deal with stress better, and sleep better.

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Abi Barclay-Watt

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After a 7 year break from work (previously a National Trust Property Manager) to be at home with my 2 boys, I followed my passion for food and nutrition and have achieved a distinction in a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University. This meets the requirements of the AfN (Association for Nutrition) for me to be a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), and I am listed on the UKVRN registration list. I am also a member of the British Nutrition Foundation and Nutrition Society. Please visit the AfN website ( if you are unclear on the distinction between a ‘registered nutritionist’ and a ‘nutritional therapist’, there is a big difference in training and accreditation. By using a registered nutritionist, all the advice you receive is based on proven scientific research not just the lasted fad, and provides a sustainable approach to lifestyle change.

Afn Registered Associate Nutritionist


I was very concerned about my six-year-old, who was a fussy eater and quite small for his age. I heard that Abi Barclay Watt specialised in children, and decided to book a consultation, just to check my son was getting adequate nutrition. I wrote a detailed food diary for a seven-day period, which in itself was quite an interesting exercise. Abi went through every morsel in detail and was able to analyse areas where he was lacking. But most interestingly, she was able to make simple and manageable suggestions for areas that could be improved. One of the most alarming results was my son’s high intake of sugar. I had no idea that ‘Fruit Strings', and ‘Frubes', had such little nutritional value, but were so heavily loaded with sugar; these were supposed to be the ‘healthy snacks’! Abi also gave me lots of inspiration about easy recipes I could make myself, as well as how to include the children in everyday cookery.Marianne

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