I am currently studying Nutrition at The University of Nottingham and I thought I was really well-informed, but Abi pointed out some really important changes I needed to make to my diet. Like most girls my age, I feel a lot of pressure to be very slim. Abi's advice has shown me how to eat to feel really fantastic. It has even affected how I feel mentally. I am achieving high grades and people say I Iook the best I ever have. Abi is so easy to talk to. She is gentle and warm. I would recommend her to anyone.
My daughter and I both have underachieved thyroid and I approached Abi to ask her advice on suitable diets to cope with this annoying (and very common) syndrome. We had a very interesting and informative chat and I was impressed with the amount of research that Abi had undertaken since my original enquiry, and volume of information she was able to give me. I’ve taken on board her recommendations and am definitely feeling more invigorated and alert, although the underlying problems of the condition remain. Angela
I was very concerned about my six-year-old, who was a fussy eater and quite small for his age. I heard that Abi Barclay Watt specialised in children, and decided to book a consultation, just to check my son was getting adequate nutrition. I wrote a detailed food diary for a seven-day period, which in itself was quite an interesting exercise. Abi went through every morsel in detail and was able to analyse areas where he was lacking. But most interestingly, she was able to make simple and manageable suggestions for areas that could be improved. One of the most alarming results was my son’s high intake of sugar. I had no idea that ‘Fruit Strings', and ‘Frubes', had such little nutritional value, but were so heavily loaded with sugar; these were supposed to be the ‘healthy snacks’! Abi also gave me lots of inspiration about easy recipes I could make myself, as well as how to include the children in everyday cookery. Marianne
We booked Abi to come to our business and talk us through the basics of good nutrition, and then also some ideas for interesting and tasty packed lunches to help keep energy up for working through the day. We busted a few myths via a quiz, and all discovered something we didn't know! There were tips for healthy energising snacks for at the desk, ideas to set the day up well with proper breakfasts and how to balance protein and carbs for all-day workplace focus and attention. Abi had the perfect blend of gravitas and engagement and scored 5 stars all round from colleagues who attended. Training Manager - Whittards