Snacks and meals for recovery nutrition

What should you consume?

Cow’s milk is a near-perfect recovery drink as it contains fluid along with protein and carbohydrate (as well as other nutrients) to promote rehydration, glycogen replenishment and muscle building. It has been shown to be more effective than sports drinks for promoting rehydration.

Suitable recovery meals include

·Breakfast: Overnight oats – soak oats, milk and yogurt overnight, then stir in banana slices, fresh berries and a few toasted almonds. Alternatively, poached eggs, avocado and toast would fulfil your recovery needs following a strength workout.

·Lunch: Pitta bread with hummus, falafels or tuna; avocado, rocket and beetroot.

·Dinner: Thai Green Chicken Curry or Black Bean and Sweet Potato Curry

Recovery snack options include:

·Milk with a banana – milk fulfils the 3Rs – promotes rehydration as effectively as sports drinks, also provides protein for muscle repair and carbs for refuelling muscles.

·Fruit and yogurt smoothie ­– Blend together 3 tbsp plain Greek yogurt, 1 banana, a handful of berries and 150ml milk in a blender.

·A ‘yogurt bowl’: Greek yogurt topped with berries, nuts or seeds

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