Whats for dinner tonight?

How many of us are being asked this question, in the knowledge that we may have to produce 2 or 3 different meals, at different times, for different tastes. Well I hope the attached recipe will solve that problem for one evening this week. As much as its desirable to all eat together and I would really recommend at least sitting down with children to chat whilst they are eating even if you eat later, its often not logistically possible. Do try and find at least one occasion where you do sit at a table and eat together, with no phones or tablets for company. Perhaps you can then discuss which meals are going to be cooked for the following week, everyone chooses a dish, within reason!

The recipe for socca pancakes can be adapted to whatever you have left over or flavoured in anyway you like. They are pancakes made with gram flour which makes them higher in protein and fibre than normal pancakes and chickpeas are a prebiotic too, i.e. your good bacteria like them. They are low in fat, but a good source of omega 3 fat too.They are also wheat free, now I'm not 'anti' wheat in any way, its a good wholesome grain in its wholegrain form but I think there is a tendency to eat too much of it. Its so easy to eat a wheat based cereal for breakfast or toast, a sandwich for lunch and then good old pasta for supper. I don't think its surprising many peoples guts are becoming intolerant and even allergic to it. However please don't give up good quality wholegrain breads and pastas, but try not to eat it at every meal. Most of the commercially made breads are made using the Chorleywood bread making process in @45 minutes, no time for any yeast to properly let the bread rise. Pinch a piece of your sliced loaf together it sticks, you are eating un-risen dough. Bread machines are great if you don't have time to make your own but my favourite by far is Sourdough bread, it is given a whole for the live culture to work.

So back to the pancakes, flavour the batter however you want, i use turmeric and harissa and fill them with whatever roasted vegetables I can lay hands on and a crumble of feta or some left over chicken. Equally flavour them with five spice and fill them with stirfry and prawns or tofu if its your thing. Enjoy.

Socca pancakes